5 things I like about me

I have made a deal -with myself- to appreciate myself more. A break-up can make you feel really bad and insecure about yourself. You question your characteristics as well as your appearance. For this reason I have done an exercise every day for the past (work)week. Every day I have searched for 1 fact I... Lees verder →

Move forward

In a couple of weeks I have found my groove again. Music sounds a little better, food tastes a little sweeter and light shines a little brighter. Since I know a lot of people find themselves in the same situation I used to be in, I would be happy to share my magic with you.... Lees verder →

The dating game

Since I have been going out and meeting new people, I have been asked to go on dates quite frequently. Even though I am not sure whether it is not too soon, I figured they might as well be a welcome distraction. Even though I do not lack experience on the dating field, I must... Lees verder →

Live a little

Work equals load. Always. That is why people look forward to the weekend as much as they do. You can literally feel the load of the past week fall off your shoulders. The weekend is a time to enjoy yourself. And that is exactly what I have done these last days. Going out, seeing friends,... Lees verder →

Fool me once.

Every time you broke my heart, I have carefully put it back in your hands. Glued together with what little hope and trust I had left. The first time you caused it to hurt, was because of a lie. A lie so obvious and so unnecessary that even the smallest of children would not have... Lees verder →

The punishment fits the crime

Justice. Imagine this: one day you are walking the streets, being your good old self, friendly to everyone that crosses your path. Suddenly, without any warning or obvious reason you get stabbed. Right in the heart. You do not die, but the injuries will take years to heal. What should happen to the person who... Lees verder →

The wind of change

Let go of what was and hold on dearly to what is. Do not torture yourself by lingering in the past when so many beautiful things can be found right in front of you. Not only have I experienced a change of mind, but also a change of heart. Even though I am sure that... Lees verder →

Hope it’ll be a good story…

Page 2 of 365 to be exact. Safe to say that my new year did not take off with a bang (except for all the fireworks, of course). But positivity remains KEY. I wanted to post "New Year, New Me" at first, but the truth is that I will still remain the same honest asshole... Lees verder →


You can spent so much time focussing on certain things, that you miss the essence of the story.  I focused on my own emotions and feelings so hard that I was conviced that I loved and missed him. First. Love? In order to be able to "love" someone, they have to be around. There had... Lees verder →

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